"A human trafficker can earn 20 times what he or she paid for a girl. Provided the girl was not physically brutalized to the point of ruining her beauty, the pimp could sell her again for a greater price because he had trained her and broken her spirit, which saves future buyers the hassle. A 2003 study in the Netherlands found that, on average, a single sex slave earned her pimp at least $250,000 a year." - RandomHistory

Friday, December 2, 2011

International Day for the Abolition of Slavery

A superb day to wrap up the 2011 campaign. Actually, I'm just about to mail off the petition to Kevin Rudd & Julie Bishop.

Updated stats are:

30,000 people watched me live in Martin Place

23,000 visited the facebook cause (guesstimate after stats removed)
16,900 visited crushslavery.com
183 read the online newspaper I started last month
40,000 reached online

310,000 readers of MX newspaper
147,000 readers of The Sutherland Shire Leader
147,000 second time in The Leader
147,000 third time in The Leader
751,000 newspaper readers

Plus untold thousands reached second & third hand from folks forwarding the template email on to their friends & colleagues. (Thank you!)

148 joined the facebook cause
263 signed the online petition
123 signed the offline petition
5 people joined me doing push-ups
539 personal responses

Check out Crush Slavery News, and contact me if you're gonna join us next year, in Martin Place, or Sydney Airport, or wherever you want! We want to make this a viral craze like planking or extreme ironing.

What will you do to stop Human Trafficking & Slavery?